The truth about coconut oil

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For several years, holds the first place on the imaginary throne of the popularity of vegetable oils oil coconut. There is no way he wouldn’t go to use. His fans use it not only for cooking and baking, but also as a natural mask, cream, cleanser and more. But is it really as miraculous as they say?

It turned out that not Coconut oil

because it contains up to 92 % saturated fat. It’s about the kind of fats, for which there is a general recommendation that people should limit, because they are consumed excessively.
Contribute to raising “bad” cholesterol, with which are associated higher risks of heart disease and stroke. Why is but despite these clear facts coconut oil recommended as one of the best alternatives for our health? It was looking for the answer server
“I’m confused from the fact that some people think that coconut fat is the foundation of a healthy diet,” says Walter Willett, chairman of the department of nutrition at Harvard Chan School of Public Health.
“Some of the saturated fats of coconut oil are composed of shorter molecules than the saturated fats from milk fat. And you have the right influence on the level of bad cholesterol,“ explains the expert.
There is no evidence of its usefulness
The argument of his supporters is that coconut oil behaves in the human body very differently from other types of saturated fats. On this topic was written 21 studies published in the journal Nutrition Reviews, all, however, this claim to refute as inaccurate.
Another argument is that those people who excessively consume products containing coconut fat, no problems with the circulatory system are not recorded. The scientists respond that such people are usually among the natives, who eat either meat or fruit and coconut in general is for them part of the traditional diet.
A study published in the Journal of the American College pof Cardiology showed that even the supply of food, which increase levels of the so-called “good” cholesterol, will not guarantee that the person will be more resistant to heart attacks or stroke. Moreover, people reporting its elevated levels have an increased probability of death for diseases that were not related to the heart or nervous system.

In the kitchen you can bet on the classics

The authors of the study, Nutrition Reviews finally came to the conclusion that there is absolutely no evidence that the consumption of coconut oil miraculously benefit human health. According to them, is certainly not the claim that it improves the cholesterol or reducing the risk of heart disease. Dr. Willett is the address of coconut fat expressed clearly.
“There is really no direct evidence, that would be coconut oil healthy fat.” Noting that may unhealthy cholesterol increase even more than the other, the public often zamítané and neglected fats. According to him, is far better when cooking reach for the oil to canola or olive.
With the trends carefully, advises expert

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