The golden middle way points

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and nutritional gastronomka and the founder of the project Fundamentally healthy Jan Black. “Coconut fat contains saturated fats (fatty acids), which we have generally considered “unhealthy”, but it’s the saturated fats are medium-chain (MCFA = medium-chain fatty acids). This means that unlike trygliceridů with a string of long (which are contained e.g. in the saturated fats of animal origin) with MCFAS very well metabolizes and our body is also due to the fact far more efficiently transformed into energy, instead of storing unnecessary fat,” explains John Black.

However, despite its other benefits

it’s still fat an exotic, which in their origin and history to our lands naturally do not belong. Nutritional gastronomka says, that alone coconut fat I like used, but not recommended with him overdo it, as with any trends and “miraculously discovered” or to unnecessarily přechválenou raw material.
Thermostability and smoke point
Often also we meet with the theory that the coconut fat is highly thermostable and nepřepaluje at higher temperatures.
“Yes, it has a higher smoke point than olive oil, sunflower, etc., but in the event that you have a home coconut fat extra virgin and minimally edited, often also in organic quality, pay attention mainly to what is with it when cooking is going on before your eyes. I’m not enough fingers to count the cases where virgin coconut oil smokey as repressed stove, but merrily could got roasted, because it “has a high smoking point”, points out John Black.
And that is the problem. It is one thing to read and believe, the second is to try, to objectively evaluate and draw your own conclusion. Of fatty acids (which are virgin oils, rich) are still carcinogenic. Which, of course, denies the fact that it was the food healthy. Nutritional gastronomka says, therefore, that it is recommended to think
and watch your own experience, what is really going on, than something to just blindly trust.
“Theory is great and in many cases a basis. But if the specifically you in practice is verified, then it is literally useless,” adds Jan Black.

How to choose a quality coconut fat

If you decide to coconut oil you just bought, focus on its quality. “Coconuts should ideally be processed within 48 hours after harvesting, therefore, should be still fresh and their extraction should take place without heating,” advises nutrition specialist Martin Škába.
Furthermore, it is recommended to focus on the products without refining, bleaching, deodorizace, hydrogenation and the like. “The content of lauric acid should be at least 57 %, then because it is a super premium coconut fat,” concludes its recommendations to Martin Škába.
A miracle for skin and hair
In conclusion, we can perhaps only say that this statement definitely does not apply to all sorts of beauty tips, coconut oil is praised to the heavens.
“As a pure natural raw material is ideal for the care of the skin of the whole body, face and hair. Its use in the winter you can cuddle virtually any skin type, including sensitive, which soothes, protects and pleasantly softens. Coconut oil skin moisturizes, prevents it from drying out, protects it from frost. And it can be used also for the preparation of home wrap, to hair – nourishes, strengthens and adds shine – or enjoy its effects and a pleasant refreshing fragrance in home massages,” says corrective dermatologist Eva Harapátová from the Medicom Clinic.
Coconut oil and its effects and use
Coconut oil can be used in many, many areas. We have compiled a list for You to 12 areas where coconut oil can be used.

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